MSc. Felipe Opazo Vaccaro.a y MSc. Claudio Rojas Hidalgo.a

a Facultad de Educación, Carrera de Pedagogía en Educación Física, Universidad Santo Tomas, La Serena, Chile.

Autor para Correspondencia: Felipe Opazo Vaccaro, Carrera de Pedagogía en Educación Física, Universidad Santo Tomas, Avenida Libertad 579, La Serena, Chile. e-mail address:


Objective: to analyze the immediate effect of kinesio tape (KT) in vertical jump performance, applied from insertion to origin on the quadriceps muscle group.

Methods: 14 martial artists (11 males and 3 females), All the participants jumped without KT and then jumped with KT, in both situations, they jumped three times and the best jump was saved for analysis. The selected jump test was Squat Jump, following the BOSCO Protocol, using the Axon Jump© platform model S.

Results: The variables were time of flight (TF), height (H) and speed (S), they were measured by the Axon Jump© platform and the data was analyzed using SPSS 19© software. The best jump for all situations was analyzed on a T test, showing that all, but three subjects, had a decrease jump performance using KT.

Conclusion: our results suggest that the application of KT can have an immediate effect on vertical jump performance, in this case a decrease effect when it’s applied from insertion to origin of the muscles.

Keywords: Kinesio tape, K tape, Squat jump, Muscle performance

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